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Bandanas Australia here, you know we were looking back in history trying to find out just when and where the wearing bandana first started. Not completely sure now but there is a lot of conjecture around this point. Some say The Pirate Bandana’s  early in the 1600’s were the first commercial usage of the printed bandanas which is a significant fact for all you Pirates and Pyrates (women pirate’s)out there. The skull bandana along with the scull and crossbones bandana has been populated ever since that early period. Bandanas Australia is currently developing a great custom printed bandanas range from the early pirate times in pencil drawings through the current times. The bandanas will be added to the online bandanas range as they are finished from our custom design bandana department. Bandanas Australia is recruiting talented artists from all over the world to help with the the custom design bandanas.

The French lay claim to the early bandana or the the kerchief (couvre-chef) also known as the “handkerchief” made of a square piece of cloth and sometimes scented as a way of protecting themselves from the obnoxious street smells in the Victorian times. The French further developed the bandanas to be worn as the Cravat and still worn today by celebrity chef’s and in many restaurant &  kitchens know as the Chef Check Bandanas or chef bandanas.
The Japanese also claim they were the first wearing bandanas early in the Shogun dynasty and is recognized as a major part in their uniform culture know in Japan as the Hachimai (helmet scarf) also worn in teen biker gangs and even rioters.  Perhaps the most famous use of how to wear a bandana (hachimaki) during the 40’s was by the kamikaze pilots towards the end of the war. Today the narrow strip of fabric are printed bandanas in bulk usually with an inspirational slogans like “best in Japan with the rising sun motif. Many combat and martial art sports  have adopted wearing bandanas as an essential part of their uniform. With the different plain bandanas and printed bandanas, colours like the red bandana,black bandana, brown bandana, yellow bandana and the white bandana can signify the rank achieved in some martial art sports.
The American Cowboy first adopted plain bandanas and printed bandanas for use when chasing the baddies on horseback, this help stop the dust and helped with their breathing when in persecute. Also not a bad cover-up when they wanted a disguise for robbing the Cob & Co coach..I remember first seeing American bandanas on the TV as a kid with shows like Roy Rodgers and Cisco Kid.. The bandana is now part of the staple diet of rodeos, the movie industry, hunting folklore with the abundant camouflage bandana styles, the pet bandana industry and is prominent in the corporate world as a major team bandana and theme bandana player.
The Urban Bandana came very prominent in the late 60’s and early 70’s as a sub culture gang related item and was worn either in a pocket or in some cases around the leg and as a skull bandana.
How to wear a bandana comes in many hundreds of forms today, there is no right way or wrong way to wear a bandana, we do go on to show you some different ways of how to wear a bandana on this website.