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Yes, there is a minimum of 24 pieces (2 packs of 12pcs)
In order to complete your order you need to have a minimum of 24 pieces (2 packs) of bandanas in your cart. If under this quantity when in the checkout press “back to shopping” button to help fill the minimum requirement. The shopping cart will not progress further until you have placed the minimum quantity.
All bandana packs have 12pcs in a pack, we do not split packs.
So to increase your order it will always be in pack format (1 pack= 12 pieces)

Custom Printed Bandanas  SQUARE bandana and TRI bandanas there is a minimum order of 50 pieces/colour/design.
As they are custom made and manufactured to your artwork/logo you cannot mix the base bandana colours to make up the the 50 pieces.
However, if you wanted the base colour of the bandana in two (2) colours then you need to order minimum of 2 x 50 pieces (100pcs), same artwork but two (2) bandana colours ok.

Multifunctional Bandanas also known as Buff’s or a Tube Bandana there is a minimum of fifty pieces 50pcs/design/artwork.

Shipping & Handling costs are calculated once you have entered your items into the shopping cart. Proceed to checkout and you have an opportunity to calculate shipping & handling by entering your postcode and the software will
automatically calculate the costs and indicate how your items will be shipped to you. Now you can continue to proceed at this point once you have all the information you require.
Once payment has been made and your order processed you will be sent a follow-up email with your tracking No attached so you can track your order online until it arrives at the delivery destination you allocated.

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The bandanas are sold in packs. There is 12pcs in each pack.
We are sorry if you wanted 20pcs of each colour, you can order 12pcs or 24pcs of each colour or increases in multiples of 12pcs.

The minimum bandanas you can purchase is 24pcs (2 packs) Yes you can mix colour packs to make up the 24 pieces, you can even mix plains, paisleys or themed bandanas ok.

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Hey congratulations for using my website for the first time.
I know the first time you use an automated website with a shopping trolley it can be a bit daunting as you are putting all your trust into the data your entering and hoping that the people behind the monitor your looking at are going to come through with the goods.
Now your thinking!! I also have some questions right now before  I do this but I just cant see where all the answers are.
Somebody help me please…
So let us try to explain how the simple shopping online process works.
Hey your a first timer and you have this trust thingy that you would like to overcome and hopefully have a pleasant experience with your order placement here ok!
Once you have read some of the other FAQ answers and your up to speed with minimum quantities etc..
You can then go to the item page where you want to purchase the item, press the “add to cart” button
You will see the item in your shopping trolley up the top on the right hand corner, a message will say “the item has been added to your shopping trolley (cart)”
You can then keep shopping and add the different colours, styles, and other products from the items page into your cart.
Now you can check at any time what’s in your cart by just clicking on the shopping trolley up in the right hand corner.
This also gives you an opportunity to edit, increase or delete items in your cart ok. It also indicates how much you have spent so far.
Now if your happy with how its looking and want to keep shopping look for the “continue shopping button” and you can view other products your thinking of purchasing.
Once you have finished browsing the store and want to go a step further to finalise, you click on the shopping cart.
You also need to find out the shipping & handling costs, you can do this by clicking on “Calculate Shipping” text just below the cart total section and a dropdown box will appear.
If you fill in the data it will automatically give you the shipping costs for your order.
You can then press “Proceed to Checkout” button
You will need to fill in the Billing details required, also if you want to ship to a different address, then fill that in also.
If you scroll down further you can choose how you want to pay for your order.
Just click on the correct radio payment dot button and then press “Place order”
You will be then asked to fill in the relevant payment details and press “Confirm and Pay” button
It will then tell you you have been successful and your order has been placed, you can print & save a copy also. You will also be emailed a copy of your order placement. This will only take a few minutes to arrive in your inbox of your email.
Behind the scenes(or inside your monitor) we as the store owner will receive a copy of your order at our dispatch warehouse.
If the order is early in the day our time your items will leave the same day or the next working day.
Once your order has been dispatched, you will receive an email with a Tracking Number. If you click on the tracking number it will open up the freight company website with your tracking number and show you
the progress of your order along the transport route. You can do this until you order arrives with you door to door.
Now on the freight companies website you can attach your email address or mobile number and they will give you regular progress either via email or text message as to where your order is, how cool is that.?
Well, I hope you can follow this approach and have a pleasant experience purchasing online with Bandanas Australia
Let us know, how we can improve your first time experience ..
Kind regards
Bandanas Australia

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Yes, with stock lines on this website you can mix any of our colors and styles of bandanas to meet the 24 piece order minimum.
Therefore if you wanted say, 1 x pack of plain red bandanas (12pcs), 1 x pack black paisley bandanas (12pcs)  you can do that to meet your minimum requirement ok.

A little more complicated but there are some easy simple steps to follow.

  1. The minimum quantity required for custom print manufactured bandanas is 50 pieces = 50 pieces/colour/design
  2. The standard size we use in a custom print bandana is:
    SQUARE BANDANA  56* 56cm
    TRI BANDANA 36* 36* 52cm
    However, as the printed bandanas are truly custom made to order, we can make them any size you require.
  3. The maximum number of colours for printing is unlimited colours, yes we can also use graduated colours in your design with absolutely no set-up costs
    The fabric is poly cotton with a very soft silk feel. We can use 100% cotton if preferred for orders over 1200pcs
    The multifunctional bandanas are sublimated also onto a polyester microfiber feel fabric. As these are sublimated any number of colours and blends can be used.
  4. Go to the printed bandana or pricing category and choose the bandana type you require (square, tri or multifunctional bandana)
  5. Download the template and save to your computer, that best suits your bandana design. ( there are several download formats to choose from AI, EPS or JPEG).
  6. Have a play and design with the best layout format that you would like to use. Consider how you are going to wear the bandana and ensure your template layout is maximised to best capture your artwork. Once finished, simply email your fabulous design back to us in AI or EPS format along with the PMS colours, the bandana base colour and other relevant important comments.
  7. All custom printed bandanas are printed at our overseas factory.
    We are one of the very few custom bandana printers in the world that print your artwork directly onto a roll of fabric of natural yarn.
    The fabric is drum rolled through the sublimated printing process, dried and re rolled to size then laser cut to custom size and then hand overlocked.
    Bandanas are then packaged in a cellophane bag ready to retail. You can choose on how many pieces you want in a bag, so you can have individually packed (1pc/bag), default is 10pcs/bag unless stated.
  8. All to hard! We do have a design service available with in-house designers a small fee of AU$80.00 to best capture your artwork. Go to ” Designer Required” in the “printed bandanas” navigation section and follow the simple prompts through to the checkout.


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