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About Us

Mike Breig

Mike Breig Owner

where can I buy bandanas online?
Yes we are a company and yes it is run by people like myself and yes this is where you can buy bandanas online.
We also have a physical address on every page of Bandanas Australia.
So when I go to the “About Us” page on some websites to do a little more due diligence I seem to come away being no further informed as to whether I should use their services/products or not.
I have been working on this business for 12 years and managing it for 8 and now own the business.  Entrepreneurial studies have been my focus since my 20’s and have 12 years experience as an understudy in the promotional and e-commerce while working with designers/manufacturers on best production products and process.
Having been brought up and lived in many country and city regions in the world and have settled in Australia for the last 21 years. Having traveled to other countries and returning to Australia its given me in the the later years a feel for and dealing with clients around the world.
For the last 16 years we been solely trading online and Bandanas Australia is a newly developed business for us and hopefully bring you some wonderful cutting edge designs and fun themes in bandanas and new design products along the way.

So the next time someone asks where can I buy bandanas online do feel free to join us on this journey and my staff and myself will do the very best to make your online shopping experience one of the best….